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Book of the Month

Every month, I'll focus on a novel from my backlist. This month, it's A Sinner's Memory

If you love: 

  • Gritty Second Chance Romance

  • Reformed Playboy Rockstar

  • Dedicated Single Dad 

A NOTE ABOUT THIS STORY: It's not an easy romance. Second chances are often fraught with the scars of past mistakes and decisions. Such is the case with Gideon and Denver.


Gideon doesn't start out as a likable character—he's arrogant with an ego the size of the stadiums he plays with his rock band. Women flock to him and he basks in the attention—much to the detriment of his relationship with Denver. His girlfriend is an afterthought in Gideon's former life and one day, after one too many flirtatious groupies, Denver leaves. 

Five years pass. FIVE YEARS. That's a long time and during that period, both Denver and Gideon grow as people. Gideon pulls a total 180, becoming a man who is aware of what he's lost and humbled by life. 

So, I don't want you to like Gideon in the beginning. If you do, I'm not doing my job. But hold on, because I've never seen a character grow like Gideon does. As one reader states, 'I didn't want to like Gideon, but I did.'

How can you not love a man utterly devoted to the only woman he's ever loved?


Be sure to check out A Sinner's Memory.

Bonus, it's free with a Kindle Unlimited subscription.

“I told you I don’t believe in happily ever after.”


“I know what you told me, but I’d like a chance to show you a different possibility. One I think you’ll like even better.”


The fight leaves Denny, her shoulders sagging under the burden of countless lonely nights. “I want to believe you.”


“You should,” I whisper, smoothing the hair from her face. “I mean every word. What do you say?”


Denny meets my gaze, her eyes soft. “I don’t know. Maybe?”


It’s not an affirmative, but we’re making progress. She isn’t covering her fears with sarcasm or humor. Denny laid her wounds bare, and I did the same, allowing the other to witness to the scars.


She’s not there yet, but she’s on the path. It’s on me to prove myself worthy.

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