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Book of the Month

Every month, I'll focus on a novel from my backlist. This month, I'm focusing on one of my personal favorites, Make You Stay.

If you love: 

  • Friend to Lovers

  • Slow Burn Steam

  • TONS of Flirty Banter

  • Forced Proximity

If you haven't read Aidan and Chloe yet, what are you waiting for? These two were such a joy to write and I will always love the infectious banter between them. Plus, the slow burn sexual tension is chef's kiss (if I do say so myself). Grab a copy today! 

“Chloe, come here.” I wave her over to me, noticing her embarrassed grin.


“Here,” she hands me the pool cue. “I’m worse than I remember, and I didn’t think that was possible.”


“Let me give you a couple of pointers.” I wrap my arms around her, my hands resting over hers as they grasp the cue.


Bad idea. A bad idea that feels so very good. 


Her ass.


My c*ck.


What the hell was I doing again?

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