Book of the Month

Every month, I'll focus on a novel from my backlist. This month, it's A Series of Moments

I'll be honest; I haven't given A Series of Moments the love it deserves. It was my first book baby—a trilogy complete with more twists than a rollercoaster and two cliffhangers that people either loved or loathed. It was also written in third person, which is the only story I've penned that way. 

Still, these characters are so special to me. It's more than just a romance—it's a family saga. 

If you love: 

  • Celebrity Romance

  • Star Crossed Lovers

  • Ensemble Cast

  • One Wicked as Hell Antagonist

Be sure to check out A Series of Moments. Bonus, it's free with a Kindle Unlimited subscription.

I've included a snippet below, along with the order link.


Jacob set down the bag of food on an outdoor table, putting his hands on Lilly’s arms and turning her towards him. “What were you thinking before?”

Fuck, he’s touching me again. My brain doesn’t function when this man touches me. “Before when?”

“Right after I said how I pity the fool dumb enough to fall in love. You had this look on your face, but at the last second, you held back and asked me to let you up.” His grip tightened slightly. “What were you going to say?”

“I don’t remember,” Lilly lied.

“Yes, you do, Lilly. What were you going to say?”

“The cab’s here.”

Jacob dropped his hands, letting out a resigned huff. “Right.” Then he rolled his eyes. The bastard rolled his eyes.

Lilly paused against the taxi door, knowing her mother would roll over in her grave as her daughter threw every bit of manners out the window in lieu of brutal honesty. “I was going to call bullshit on your statement.”

Jacob’s eyes widened as he walked over. “Excuse me?”

“There is nothing like love. Sure, sometimes it hurts like hell, but it’s worth every second. Maybe you just fell in love with the wrong woman. Next time, you’ll fall in love with the right one.”

“You’re such an expert?”

“Not by a long shot. But I know if you gave it a chance, you’d be a happier person.”

“I’m happy,” Jacob growled, an inner fire emanating from him.

Lilly laughed at the blatant lie. She saw right through this man. “Successful, yes. Talented, sure. Gorgeous, you’re adored by millions. But happy? Not a whit.”

Jacob leaned in, their faces only inches apart. “You know nothing about it—”

Lilly’s eyes blazed as she leaned forward. “Don’t I? I think I hit the nail right on the head. You’re just too scared to admit it.”